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Job application for Customer Support Engineer (EMEA)

Hi team,

Let me start by saying I absolutely love your vision and progressive way of working. A decentralized team of specialists ánd payout in Bitcoin? I like how your company stays true to the nature of crypto and I’m excited to see if it is just as promising. I would therefore love to be of assistance in your team of support engineers, preferably 4 days a week, and aid your customers in their quest for financial freedom!

Let me introduce myself

I am Maurice and I have been alternating between different adventures in customer support and communication projects, writing on my novels, and exploring the world. To balance an analytic need to solve stuff with creative inspiration, so to speak. After several years of creative projects I’m looking for a job where I can use my analytic skills, and help customers in a progressive, ambitious and open company.

I always believe that working on something is the best way to learn, so for me this would also be an exciting opportunity to dive into the fascinating possibilities of crypto! Its decentralized and transparent nature to give the power back to the people, as well as the blockchain technology to secure smart contracts are really fascinating. My knowledge on crypto is still basic, but I learn super fast and manage to put it into words quite well.

What to expect

Well, as you can see I never do things halfway and I stand for quality. I love solving cases and making customers happy, or at least giving them the empathy, friendliness and explanation they deserve. I believe every customer contact should feel like a warm bath, regardless of it being positive or negative news. I’m fast in finding the solution that serves all. In all my previous support specialist experiences I managed to rank high on productivity, C-Sat and one email solves, and usually my personalized email templates would end up being used as a company standard. Also, with my writing skills I believe I can be a valuable asset when it comes to the Knowledge Base.

Want to know more?

Let’s meet and see if we’re a match. You can also give your colleague Ruby Ann Weissmann a nod, we used to be co-workers and we used to always compete with each other for the best scores and service. She’ll probably tell you she beat me, but then again, I wound up to be her manager, so, you tell me!

PS. Go Ethereum!